Nike Odyssey React Men’s Running Shoe

The new Nike odyssey react men’s running shoe is made of light materials designed to give comfort and stability while running. The upper shoe is made of soft foam reinforced with a high-quality jacquard fabrics material that covers and protects it from flattening. The lower part of the shoe is a flexible rubber sole that is crafted with an outersole that has rough like tires threads to ensure that you don’t slide while running even if the ground is slippery. The shoe is lightweight and wearing it feels like barefoot. The shoe is very durable and soft.

The shoe that was launched on 19 April 2018 as a predecessor of Nike Epic React which was launched earlier this year.

This shoe is an outstanding show among the Nike products. It has the latest features and technology used on it is stunning. The shoe has a soft rubber sole that is very flexible thus, the sole move in the direction of your feet. Wondering if running in a stony area will harm your foot, Naaah! The thickness of the sole is impressive. This makes the ground feel like stepping in a mattress. The sharpness of stones is a story for another day. Running with this shoe consume the shock as you land on the ground and respond to the brunt.

The Nike odyssey becomes more advanced and has lace that helps tighten the shoe. It is very beneficial even when practicing. To ensure that the lace doesn’t cause blisters on your foot or interfere with your skin and blood veins, a cool tongue made of cloth and mattress is fitted. The tongue comes with a material that absorbs sweat hence, your foot will never slide inside the shoe.

The Nike react can’t go without the shoe collar that is very cozy. The Nike professionals know that the sciatic area needs care. They have the collar bigger than the outside shoe. This ensures that your foot never gets scratches from the upper shoe. The collar is rounded and spongy. The maker of this sneaker knows that your ankles need care. The collar here is u-shaped to give your feet freedom of turning and stretching.

The overall material inside the Nike react shoe for men is made of high quality with the ability to absorb sweat. Applying this latest standard of making this pleasant shoe comes with undeniable benefits. Smell and bad odor that is caused by sweat is taken care off. The shoe has that ability to keep your foot dry after a period of athletics. Even without the use of socks, the shoe still keeps your foot unmoistened.

Between the tongue and vamp is an adjustable junction. This junction move as your metatarsal bone turn. The vamp is made of strong material to protect your toe from injuries caused by being stepped on. The finishing from the tongue down to the lower part is streamlined which make the shoe distinguished and look unique from other running shoes.

To make sure you don’t fall when ‘on your marks’ the shoe lower part is fitted with tips that fix themselves on the ground to give a stable takeoff. Running on this shoe gives you the advantage of leading because the shoe is friendly with all types of grounds, be it mad grounds, tires floors or tarmac and you will be the leader of the race from the beginning leaving your opponents trying to stabilize themselves from the greasy fields.

Pros of Nike odyssey react men’s running shoe

-Lightweight; the shoe is made of foam and spongy which are very light hence feels like barefoot wearing the shoes.

-Durable; the shoe is made of durable jacquard fabrics that are drafted with a high-quality material to giving a long last life of this shoe.

-comfortable; the materials used to create this shoe are very soft. The cushioning foam and the fabric materials are of good standard and the sole makes one feel the comfort of running with the shoe. When one wears the odyssey sneaker feels like he has socks on even if he is none.

-cool; the shoe has air ventilation that supplies enough air to the foot while running. Wearing the shoe then become so cool because your foot will never get heated.

-various color; the Nike react come in different color selection namely; blue, pink, black, red and white.

-Retained shape; the foam used by the Nike company to make this react is resistance to compress. This helps the shoe maintain its shape even if you run for many miles.

-stability; the React is very stable compared to the predecessor. The sole is more to the ground and it is wide to ensure that it covers more big area when your foot land.

Cons of Nike odyssey react men’s running shoe

-tight; the shoe midfoot is a little bit tight compared to the Nike running shoes.

-stiff; the shoe upper is a little bit stiff and ted to press the midfoot in front thus, running with this shoe might feel uncomfortable to some people.

The Nike react is created in a way that even in the rough ground, the runner still feels the comfort. It is made to take the pressure from the ground, reducing the impact of landing, and making the runner never to feel the shock. Inside the shoe, the traction of foot and shoe is consumed by the foam lapped by jacquard fabrics and therefore, the runner’s foot become intact with the shoe.

The shoe is invented having in mind that it is for the runners. The cushioning of this shoe hence is perfectly designed to take away the force of a landing foot. The shoe has several layers merged together to give a superb floor of the midsole that keeps the runner satisfied with the shoe. We all know that running requires a cushioned shoe so as to protect the foot from hurting. The Nike in mind knew the Odyssey was a perfect gift to the runners.

Nike always knows how to make a perfect shoe for runners. The material used to make Odyssey didn’t differ from their predecessors which were completely made using quality materials. For many years Nike is known to make their shoes using polyester, rubber, Eva foam, cotton, synthetic leather, and leather. The shoe has the best mix of this materials.

The sneaker can’t go without making a selection when it comes to sizes. They have in mind that every runner has his foot size and shape different from another one. Their shoes are manufactured in different sizes and fitting to cater to their customers.

Body need air and therefore your foot too. The ventilation of the shoe is the best one. The upper cover from the vamp to the collar has small air holes that supply your foot with air. This will help the runner’s not to sweat thus, complete relaxation while running.

Asking the runners how they feel with this shoe, you will be shocked because they all claim that the shoe is so stable. The stability is achieved because the shoe has wide sole and the stepping allowance is flat. No matter how your foot narrow it is, the shoe provides you with a wide sole. The shoe upper is very supportive. The upper is slightly stiff with the heel high up than the front side. The shoe keeps the runner backed and therefore never get weary while standing or walking.

We all like attractive things. We need something that looks so beautiful when worn. The shoe has a wide range of selection that is there to fulfill the desires of our hearts. The color pink shoe has it sole mixed with matching colors. The sole has a brown like stripe that covers the upper side of the heel between the white leather upper and white rubber that makes it look completely beautiful. The Nike logo is also white to match the pink jacquard fabrics. All the colors match with the shoe body, the black having a white sole with black stripe and grey Nike logo make the shoe look very attractive. Moving to the red shoe, it has the white sole matching the body with a brown line on it upper heel. The Nike tick then makes the body look great with white color. The blue shoe can’t go without being mentioned. It looks so great with a white sole and white Nike logo. The matching of this color is very cool for runners who run in dusty places. White is a selection for all, who can’t wear a white shoe? The Odyssey has it whole body white with Nike logo being black. The line over the sole matches the logo to give a great looking shoe.

The shoe is great for all runners. It has the perfect shape that makes it nice and wins the heart of many runners.

The shoe is best suited for long-distance runners. This is because it has that durability and comfort-ability hence, even if you run for many miles, the shoe still retains its shape.

The shoe is not for managers and secretaries. It has the look of a field person thus not official.

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